Case Based

by Fritzwa

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released October 1, 2013

1. FDR Drive
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Produced by : Vikter Duplaix, Rotator

2. Candle in the Dim
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Produced by: Shawn “Everyday Monster” Miller

3. The One that Got Away
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Produced by: Fritswa Baffour, James Cannon

4. Made in America Feat. Sammus
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Featured Artist: Sammus
Produced by Platinum Beat Service, Fritswa Baffour

5. Mr. Rhee
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Produced by: Fritswa Baffour

6. About a Boy w/ Toni
Produced & Performed by: Fritswa Baffour
Featured Guest: Antoinettte King

7. Souvenirs
Written by Fritswa Baffour
Produced by Fritswa Baffour, Shawn “Everyday Monster” Miller

8. She’s Bad
Written by: Fritswa Baffour
Produced by: James Cannon

9. Perspective w/ G
Produced by Fritswa Baffour, Lorne Morris
Featured Guest: Georgianna Pinto

10. Talking Drum Feat. Lorne Morris
Written by Fritswa Baffour
Featured Artist: Lorne Morris
Produced by: Fritswa Baffour, Lorne Morris, Matthew Maschi

Music Makers:
Bass: Peter “Basshead” Greaves (Made in America, Talking Drum)
Bass: Bill Hare (She’s Bad)
Guitar: Bill Hare (She’s Bad)
Guitar: Jake Lummus (Made in America)
Guitar: Steven J Goldman (The One that Got Away)
Guitar: Frans Mernick (Souvenirs)
Piano / Synths: Fritswa Baffour (About a Boy, Souvenirs, Talking Drum, Made in America, Mr. Rhee, Perspective)
Background Vocals: Crystal “Nyela” Thomas (FDR Drive, The One that Got Away)
Additional Vocal Arrangement: Crystal “Nyela” Thomas (FDR Drive, The One that Got Away)
Drummer: Spencer Streets (Talking Drum)
Drummer: Nii Mantse Addy (Talking Drum)
Mixing Engineer: Bryan Simms
Mixing Engineer: Frans Mernick
Mixing Engineer: Bobby Mosier
Mixing Engineer: James Cannon
Mastering Engineer: Roman Vail
Mastering Engineer: Rich Morales

Thank You:
Kalisa Martin, Nadia Jean Francois, Keziah Calmese, Jillian Sipkins, Crystal Thomas, Reuben Quansah, Patty Odero, Ariel Rogers, Antoinette King, Ronald Thomas, Felipe Vara De Rey, Milton Kam, Georgianna Pinto,, Stephanie Williams, Franco Baffour, Fritzwa Baffour, Enongo Lumumba Kasongo, James Cannon, Chance Fischer, Nii Mantse Addy, Shawn Miller, Joe, Mel, Bryan Simms, Lorne Morris, Matthew Maschi, Talented 10th Crew, Mom, Dad,



all rights reserved


Fritzwa New York, New York


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Track Name: FDR Drive
Strawberry Shortcake Please when the truck comes
Kick that hydrant, Splash
See a cop, run
Crawfish Broil leave
Brooklyn Museum
Slope day will be my last if its not fun

Harlem rude boys quick to hiss out
When they see me rollerblading with a frizzy twist out
Baracade up when the summer stage on with the
Churros Kebabs and Funnel Cake, bomb

And when the air on the 2 train shut off
Gotta rock sperry's beaters shades and cutoffs
Sun Up What up Dam Im a stunner
Spend all dam winter getting right for the summer

This shit is perfect
Its 85 just quit my job
K & Nads are bringing lies by the liter
The lighter one just got promoted
and I'm celebrating 4 months of freedom

Sippin a cherry pidagua, watching Raising Victor Vargas
Bell rings, its my girls and they're feenin for a party
Got them red cups, filled up, neighbors saying to loud
Is cool we're roof topping show stopping, turning heads in the crowd

In the
Big City
Bright Lights
Hot Days and
Warm Nights

This feels real good in Harlem
Pray it make it downtown
Cuz if it feels real good in Brooklyn then
Know I'm doin aight

If it feels alright
Make it last all night
Reppin Cornell U
Reppin NYU
Im about that life

Just moved uptown to Harlem from
The Lower East Side
Now Im chillin in Williamsburgh
With Toni to my Right

If it feels alright
Make it last all night
Reppin MLT
Reppin BSP
Im about that

(Big CIty... )
Track Name: Candle in the Dim
She thinks you're eloquent
He thinks you're deep
They're both impressed by the company you keep
Passionate rhetoric, you speak
I'm less and less sober
When watching you win em over
Ok they get it babe

You're bright
But the lights, not quite right
You glow best in the dark

When the lights
less flourescent
And the sky
Holds a crescent

The wick can kiss the spark
So boy dont miss the mark
And you're best lit by

The Candle in the Dim (4x)

Shadow's don't know where
You end and I begin
Quicker the flicker
Longer the loving lasts

And babe the sunlight, knows you're a site to see
But for the moonlight
Sounds like

THe Candle in the dim (4x)
Track Name: The One that Got Away
Riddle me this
Did I hit or I miss
When I said I had to go Oh no

He leaned in for a kiss
I simply resisted
Why'd I say know

I could tell he was nervous
Didn't rehearse this
As he walked toward the door
To late to repeat the moment
I hesitate when its all so perfect

Now he's the one that got away
Missed the boat and now I'm lonely
Don't know why I was so afraid
He's the One He's the onw

We trade a glance and then a wave
When I see him everyday
And when we do decide to hang
Its painful, chordial

And itll always be this way
When I regret the day
And the decision i made
When I see you all i think to say is:

And everytime I close my eyes
My mind runs back to you
And every time I realize
That I can't undo

The moment that I hurt your pride
And lost out on you
Make sure you know that
That I never ever wanted you to feel that way
Track Name: Made in America feat. Sammus
Hammurabi took a poly proudly
Said scent of a women is allures proud peak
And the envy that Achilles cant beat
Says meek be the one who made his heel so week

He took hold of that woman
He put gold on that woman
Whispered love
Bought and sold
Took control of that woman

Hammurabi , so devoutly, proudly
Said death to the one who sells a gift so sweet (#tensup)

Gets out of bed at 8pm
Looks out the window down the avenue
And if that rent is late again
No tellin whats shes gonna do

Working on the corner
Shes gotta turn it on with the street life

She prays to the lord
Please save the women of the night

That’s how I get down
(I love him, I love him I love him)
6 inch from the ground
(and where he goes I follow, I follow , I follow)
So when you go to sleep save a dream for me

And Don’t forget about the working girls
Who tryna get up out that world
Cuz when you lay down that’s when I get up
The only way out is working that strut alright
Cuz when you lay down that’s when I get up to go to work
To work, to work, to work yea


She getting up she getting by
She ask herself where the hell am i
She take a puff, she getting high
Till the sun come up like a red eye flight

She told herself she had a nine to five
She never said nine at night
She used to think about sipin mai thais
Now shes zipping up silver thigh highs

Pimp got her whipped something like she fido
Her wrist will be slit if she call the five- o
If she give him lip then he hit her in the eye so
Now she spread her hips like she visiting the gyno


See I know what your thinking
She's Trippn
She don’t have to be trickin
Id be flippin burgs existin off tips
B4 im living off D

G, she fell in love with satan
Cuz he was swole, had a cape and
Now hells where she stays and never wants to be

Dream (that he’ll be your) lover
Cuz only in your (dream) will he be your (lover)
So go (dream) that he’ll be your (lover)
Cuz only in your (dream) will he be your (lover

Cuz when you lay down that’s when I get up
The only way out is working that strut alright
Cuz when you lay down that’s when I get up to go to work
To work, to work, to work yea
Track Name: Mr. Rhee
I knew this fella
His name was Mr. Rhee
Came by the restaurant
Everyday at 3

Sat at my table
But never looked at me
Gave me a tip
Then Dipped
Only to be see

For an hour or so
Such a magnet of a man
Notebook in his hand
Im intrigued
Mr. Rhee
Call you my pleasant monotony

I wonder and ponder
where it is you spend your time
In motions and hopes in contours of your mind
Is your style acquired
Or is it by design
Should I inquire?
Im shy
But Im willing to try

For an hour or so
Such a magnet of a man
Notebook in his hand
Im intrigued
Mr. Rhee
Call you my pleasant monotony
Track Name: Souvenirs
Outside the Eiffel Tower is near
Dont got no one around me here
Dont like the way you made Fritz feel
But I know you like this sound right here

The sun it dont go down right here
Well, Pardon Qu'est - ce que vous voulez dire?
The Dutch they got that loud right there
So you know, I like this sound right here

Verse 1
Beautiful day for a drive
So I took the long way home
You had a lot on your mind
And took it out on the road

You left your heart overseas
I peeked in quick, your heart healed
His sense of humor would leave us
No time to brace b4 we crashed

And we create this lovely mess
Where stolen moment and kisses go to rest
But boy its ok
We still got yesterday

Memories make the best souvenirs
Last 4 ever feelings they disappear
And our song wont last that long tho
Rights turned wrong wont ruin what we have here

Verse 2:
My mind and your heart collided
You harmed me when you charmed me
My stroll competes with your stride
Not healthy, Had to leave

You had my heart in knots
He matched my stripes to your polkadots
And our styles aligned, but only for a season
Blind by the flash and then, we clash

This summer love not built to match
And alone in love yet so attached
But boy its ok
We still got yesterday


Love dont have to last forever
Make a memory and it endures
Let it fly through the sky
Linger there, let it lie
Track Name: She's Bad
When people talk
They say Hershey puts it on em'
Didn't used to be so wicked
But some fella did her wrong

And now the pain that she's clinging to
Ooh she's gonna stick it to you
You better walk
Matter fact you better run

You better go'on boy
Go'on boy
You better save your soul
(this vixen's vicious so be careful watchya wishin for)
go'on boy
Go'on boy
You better save your heart
Before she rips it apart
She's gonna getchya

I'm Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad
Boy I'm
Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad
Boy I'm
Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad
Boy I'm Bad
But I make it look good

You couldn't help it could ya
Didn't fight her off no
Now all sense of common sense
Its gone its lost
(and you hate yourself)
Ooo thought you were smooth
But you played yourself
Baby keep it cool
Don't get mad babe
Don't get aggravated
Feeling like Drake cuz I’m the best you ever had
I lick my lips you love it
My skin, you wanna rub it
My hips they say boy come and play, your stupid ass comes running

See you're enamored by the glamor of my image in the mirror
And my skin, yes it glistens, can almost feel it.
And you want it, you wanna touch it , you want to touch it (2x)
Track Name: Talking Drum feat. Lorne Morris
I'm taking bets
Yea im gon' see all I wanna see
Call me Nomadic
Cuz I'm light on my feet
My mama said
Girl you gon' see all you want to see
And when they say no
Say i know u ain't talking to me

Im hard to find,
Weight of the world on my mind
And all the answers to the questions I chase where they reside
Don't look for love
But it always seems to find me
Hate to love em' and leave em
The rhythm of my heart beat says

It's time to get away again
And let the drum talk to me
And ride the rhythm overseas again
And see what it says to me

I said its time to get awaaaay
(if you're from london town... get down)
Time to get awaaay
(Cubano cubano, tumbao)
Its time to get away
All my kingston bredren watagwan
time to get away
coushey coushey Sierra leone

Verse 2:
I'm hard to chase
Non of dem wanna leave me alone
When I put my hat on boy im out
Where I lay my hat is my home

2 much of the same
Follow me im international so
When i lay the rhythm , i get in it,then im ready to go

My daddy says. some of dem gon' reach for your crown
wasting all your time and weighing you down
But dont be weak
victory aint easy
follow your heart let the rhythm lead

Chorus rpt