Arrows & Hearts (freestyle)

by Fritzwa

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produced by Monstabeatz


You not the type to go and see weak shit I know
They hit you with that radio and TV shit High low
Just cuz its shiny don’t mean it be silk, I lie no
So if you wonder how a girl is go’n freak this well here I go

Well Look at me look at me
they like me they like me a lot
Some round me some never seen
Present me w/ arrows and stars and hearts
Like Zelda pre level 3 played a part
In some shady charlatan plot
To tap tap on all of my pics
Cant press play on non of my art

Im tryna play 3 roles
Be Boz, shonda, ceelo, Gotta work so hard
When you wanna be primo, keynote
Iscariot never got that far
Im the meeting you prepared for
Tend to get fly round here, you might wanna pick up that jaw
That’s me that’s me MBA ivy
Now they wanna judge her on twitter on and IG

who the fuck u think
who the fuck u think u are…

How many, how many many
How many mics you rip on the daily
Depending on if mike offends me
If I feel like this mikes the type to fade out my melody
Well ill fight “Good and Plenty”
Ill have “Warheads” ready
Ill rip up both “Mike and Ike”
Man I swear ill chew up many
And if fading out my light is something mike think he wan do
And happen upon the crew
well mic check 1 - 2

I rip up mike woodson
Thank god for phil jackson
I rip up mike woodson
Cept 4 when the knicks win

I rip up mike woodson
I vote for the knicks
Got me feelin stupid
Like boomers who vote for Nixon

Grayin laymen, spouses they be prayin
Onomonotpeia when u c her she b sayin
Woop woop, she aint got her screws lose
No she just wanna warn her boys about red and blue do
And crews do
Fox news too

Always on that youtube
Wont u pick up that phone
Wont my sweety call home
Cruel worlds don’t suit u

Back in my day we fought cuz
All gain nil 2 lose
U spray hate like rain
Post comment no heart just blue tooth

When Grown ups don’t grow up
Only hope that
Cupid shoot some arrows at hearts your way
And bands will play again

Ants Build, Ant hills
From Monday to sunday Up
Ants Build, Ant hills
And they ache while they work
and they talk that shit
Flip a finger to the queen,
but they fucked up...
yea they fucked up
Caterpillars comin,
Gonna keep that Nigga running all day.

Talented 10th Presents: #Sumlite. #Sumlite is a series of free original music, created in a very free form style specifically for this series. Every 3 weeks we'll release a new #Sumlite freestyle from some incredibly TALENTED artists. Get hip... you'll thank us later.

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released August 6, 2015
Writer: Fritzwa
Producer: MonstaBeatz



all rights reserved


Fritzwa New York, New York


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